Multi-vendor Network Management System for your Hybrid IT

Organizations rely on their networks for all IT operations. Network management is the backbone of any business. Monitoring networks that are geographically separated globally across data centers, private & public clouds are critical for business continuity. Motadata’s Network Monitoring Tool is built for every member of the IT team to monitor, track, and deliver great business services. To provide uninterrupted services, the operational teams need real-time data and multiple integrations for collection, automation & analysis to monitor & visualize critical metrics that allow IT teams to make more informed decisions.

Most Trusted NMS for Maximum Network Uptime

Motadata’s Network Management System (NMS) proactively monitors & optimizes all network devices, servers, and applications across IT infrastructure to manage the network for maximum uptime. The platform collects, discovers and indexes data from multiple sources including databases, web servers, containers, virtualizations, URL, cloud services, middleware, etc. The platform enables its users to search, visualize & analyze the data with the help of customizable dashboards and widgets to extract powerful operational intelligence. Motadata uses the unique data model to cut through data flood and quickly detect what matters the most to run IT more effectively. The platform provides in-depth visibility required to determine if network elements are functioning correctly and are configured properly.

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